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Professor Kyungsik Choi, a.k.a. tidalchoi, has devoted entire his academic career to the sedimentological and morphodynamic characterization of the tide-influenced depositional systems in various settings to better predict spatio-temporal variability of facies and stratigraphic architecture, to evalute natural and anthropogenic impacts on the depositional systems, and to reconstruct the evolution of the depositional systems. 



Marine and Coastal Sedimentology Lab focuses on various issues related to sedimentary processes and morphodynamics of estuaries and deltas spanning from tropical to arctic setting around the globe. 


Kim, D., Jo, J., Nam, S.-I., Choi, K.S., 2022. Morphodynamic evolution of paraglacial spit complexes on a tide-influenced Arctic fjord delta (Dicksonfjorden, Svalbard). Marine Geology 447, 106800.

Kim, D., Ko, J., Jo, J., Ryu, J., Choi, K.S., 2022. Decoupling natural and man-made impacts on the morphologic and sedimentology changes in the tidal flats, Saemangeum area, west coast of Korea: implications for benthic ecosystem stability. Science of the Total Environment 807, 151779.

Choi, K.S., Jo, J., Kim, D., 2021. Tidal and seasonal controls on the stratigraphic architecture of blind tidal channel deposits in the fluvial-tidal transition of the macrotidal Sittaung River estuary, Myanmar. Sedimentary Geology 426, 106029.


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