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Kyungsik Choi

Kyungsik Choi is an associate professor at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Seoul National University in Korea. Kyungsik has been a member of SEPM since 1991. Kyungsik has served the society as a Global SEPM Ambassador since 2014. Kyungsik is a member of AAPG and IAS. Kyungsik received B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D in marine geology and sedimentology from Seoul National University. After conducting postdoc research at Queen's University in Canada, Kyungsik joined Korea National Oil Corporation for two years, where he conducted geological characterization of heterlithic siliciclastic reservoirs in Iraq, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Canada. Kyungsik returned to academia in 2007, when he took tenure-track position at Chonnam National University (2007-2012) and later moved to Seoul National University (since 2012). 

Kyungsik's research focuses on rivers and marginal marine depositional systems such as estuaries and deltas spanning from tropical to arctic region. Kyungsik's research interests lie in the prediction of tide-dominated sedimentary facies and architecture through time and space by combining modern ovservation and outcrop measurement using an interdisiplinary approach with innovative tools such as high-precision GPS survey, UAV-based photogrammetry, and in-situ current and wave measurements as well as conventional core and outcrop analysis. Kyungsik's current field campaign in Myanmar, Svalbard, Utah, and Korea highlights tidal backwater effect on the channel morphodynamics and bar architecture in the fluvial-marine transition zone. Kyungsik published 45 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the various international journals and one book on tide-dominated Han River delta. 

2019-08-23 14.20.44.jpg
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